Flickr Explore, Again

My phone kept beeping and buzzing last night. The Flickr app was sending a plethora of notifications, which I eventually just turned off. Apparently, the Flickr Fairy smiled on me and a photo I had posted yesterday made it to Explore. I’m not sure how that happened; I hadn’t put it in any groups. Regardless, the attention is nice. It’s good to have some validation and feedback.

Three-exposure HDR. Longish.
Three-exposure HDR. Longish.

What is Explore, anyways?

Explore is Flickr’s way of showcasing the most interesting photos within a given point in time — usually over a 24 hour period.

Flickr receives about 6,000 uploads every minute — That’s about 8.6 million photos a day! From this huge group of images, the Flickr Interestingness algorithm chooses only 500 images to showcase for each 24-hour period. That’s only one image in every 17,000!

~Royce Bair

This is my 69th Explore picture

My Explore set on Flickr
My Explore set on Flickr

You can use Big Huge Labs’ Explore Scout tool to see some of the pictures I’ve posted which have made it into Explore. It’s not an exhaustive list, as some images drop out over time. I have an Explore set, which I try to maintain with all my photos that have made the lists.

If you’re into photography or just love looking at amazing photos, Explore will never disappoint. I often peruse Explore for inspiration about photography, people, and the world.

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  1. Jason Pooler says: Reply

    Congrats! Your complete portfolio should be showcased!

  2. kathy longacre says: Reply

    I’m VERY impressed. Great Brent

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