Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process

Don’t simply complain about broken open source code, fix it! From the Camp Sass homepage source code:

If anything is wrong with our wraps, vertical rhythm, retina icons, png compression, grammar, spacing, trapped whitespace, responsiveness, sushi rolling abilities, or nesting… then please follow the steps below. These are called the “Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process”

If a issue has been found in a project, determine the following:
A) Is it a small issue (grammar, etc)?
Answer: Fix it and send in a pull request
B) Is it a feature that you wish existed?
Answer: Add it and send in a pull request. Add tests if applicable. Also, explain why the feature is important.
C) Is it a major bug?
Answer: Detail the issue with simple, clear test cases and submit a bug report. Then, try and fix it yourself.
D) I have critical design feedback!
Answer: Fix it and send in a pull request
E) But, I don’t want to do any work!
Answer: Fuck off and die. It’s people like you that kill open source and make doing great work harder for the rest of us that want to pitch in with real hours, real work, and real committment to make the world better.

The rest of the comments are pretty hilarious. If you’re into that kind of nerdy thing. #rightclick

The footer on Hampton’s site is also quite entertaining.

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