A flight up the Maine coast

This afternoon I took Kirsten, Hayley, and Jenna flying. I preflighted the plane at the Portland International Jetport (KPWM). Just after my run-up and taking runway two-niner for departure, I texted Kirsten to leave for Biddeford (B19). When I got to Biddeford I did my requisite three landings before taxiing to the ramp (I hadn’t flown in the previous ninety days). Just as I exited the runway, Kirsten drove up. Perfect timing.

I had planned to fly to Bar Harbor, then back to Biddeford and finally to Portland. However, when we were about three-fourths of the way to Bar Harbor, Hayley started puking into the sick sack I’d given her. A lot. Kirsten, who was my co-pilot, was experiencing a headache. It wasn’t fun for any of us. Jenna sat in the back looking out the window, holding her nose so she wouldn’t smell Hayley’s ejected vomit. Enough was enough; I turned the plane around and let the controller know I was returning to Biddeford.

Our fuel was lower than I’d expected on the way back, so I made the decision to get on the ground (and save some money) by instead stopping at Portland. I’d drive the girls to Biddeford to get Kirsten’s car. It worked out well.

It was a gorgeous day, even with 20 knot winds. The ride was bumpy, but that never bothers me. It was good to get back up in the air, practice some cross-wind procedures, and spend some time with three of my most favorite persons.

Jenna photobombs my selfie with Kirsten.

This jet was on final for KPWM runway two-niner when we flew above its flight path.

I took Hayley, Kirsten, and Jenna flying up the Maine coast this afternoon.

Jenna sat in the back seat for our flight this afternoon.

Hayley sat in the back seat for our flight today. And puked her guts out!

Due to vomit, headache, and low fuel, we turned around before reaching our planned destination.

Landing two-niner this afternoon. The winds were 20 knots up the runway, so my landing distance was only a few feet.

I took Hayley, Kirsten, and Jenna flying up the Maine coast this afternoon.

I did three requisite touch-n-gos at Biddeford.

Google Earth file of our flight

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