6 Replies to “A Brief Expedition in the Saco Heath Preserve”

  1. Heidi Varle says: Reply

    Very nice pics. I love the Saco Heath. One of those places I love all year round.

  2. Kirsten Uhler says: Reply

    Your photos are absolutely amazing! Such great clarity, and I love what you did with your macro lens. :-)

  3. Nice pictures! New to the area. I would love to take my kids hiking in the Heath. Anyone know if hunting occurs in this area? Thinking about safety for kids. Thanks!

    1. I doubt it. It’s a nature preserve.

  4. Could you tell me more about RD and Holly daughter kimberly and what happened to her? Lisa

    1. Kim committed suicide. She was distraught about many things, the way her family treated her as a result of her leaving the Mormon church significant among them.

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