Fresh Cherry Pie

I baked a fresh cherry pie. I LOVE fresh cherries and have been on a pie baking kick recently. So I found a cherry pie recipe on that seemed good, and gave it a try.

Initially, the pitted cherries were dry in the pot. I thought there must be a mistake in the recipe, as a try pan will not boil. However, the magic of science prevailed and eventually the pan was soupy, to my great relief. I didn’t have a cherry pitter, so sliced each in half with the very sharp knife Kirsten had given to me, and removed each pit by hand.

The pie was very good.

I didn’t know how or have the tools to pit cherries, so I halved them and removed the pits manually.
The recipe says to boil the juice, but there was no juice.
Finally, after a long while, the juiced magically oozed from the fuity orbs.
When the juices began flowing from the cherries, they continued until the pan was nearly full of juice!
After removing from the heat, I added a bit of butter and some almond extract for flavor.
The uncooked cherry pie.
My first fresh cherry pie, cooked and completely cooled.
#nomnom The pie turned out beautifully.

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