Paddled on the Saco River with Tonya. And ducks.

Went out paddling this morning for the first time of 2017. Tonya and I put in at our usual spot on the Saco River, just minutes from the loft. We had a nice short paddle. The winds and currents were strong, but we didn’t have anywhere to go, so it was fine. We ate a lot of cherries. And threw some at each other in a friendly game of pirates. If a cherry orchard sprouts in the middle of the Saco, you can thank me and Tonya.

While out there a family of ducks that seems completely at ease with humans swam so close to me I thought they were going to let me pet them. It was pretty cool.

Enjoy the photos. #lovemylife

Today Tonya and I paddled in the Saco River.
Nice paddle on the Saco River this morning.
Tonya and I paddled with a family of ducks this morning on the Saco River.
A family of ducks swam VERY close to me this morning as I paddled on the Saco River.
Tonya and I paddled this morning with a family of ducks.
Tonya and I paddled under this railway bridge spanning the Saco River this morning.

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  1. It was wonderful to get out paddling with you again, Brent. Thank you for sharing. I love you! ❤

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