Hayley’s 17th Birthday 🎂🎁🎉🎈

Hayley baked and decorated her own birthday cake, again

Today is Hayley’s 17th birthday. Due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, I couldn’t have her friends over for a birthday party, so I planned a Zoom party! It was fun.

I asked Emily to help me pull it all together, and she was great. She created a group chat with Hayley’s friends, and gave me ideas.

Yesterday Hayley baked and decorated her own cake, which she does every year. I was going to secretly bake cupcakes and bring them to her friends, but Hayley told me while her cake was in the oven that she’d made too much batter so she was baking cupcakes. It was only then that I decided to tell her I had planned to bake cupcakes, but instead I’d use hers.

This morning I made Hayley a blueberry smoothie and fried potatoes, per her request. After breakfast we drove to her friends’ houses to bring them each a cupcake. Because of social distancing, we’d put the cupcake on the porch, then ring the bell. When they came to the door, I’d have them pose for a quick photo, as per my request in the text conversation.

I started the Zoom call at noon. One of her friends in South Korea was even on the call, and it was 01:00 his time! That’s friendship. After we all sang “Happy Birthday” (badly), they all continued to talk and play games while I got ready to go see Skye.

Hayley and I picked up Skye in Portland, drove over to see her new apartment building on Munjoy Hill, then drove her to work in Gorham. We hadn’t seen her in many weeks on account of the pandemic, and it was nice to finally see her, even if we avoided contact.

For dinner I made Hayley corn chowder, bread, and broccoli per her request.

It was a nice birthday. I’m glad she was able to see her friends. It’s been great to spend a lot of time with her while we’ve been cooped up in lockdown, but I know the isolation and being away from her friends weighs on her, and it was good to see her smiling today.

Cupcake delivery. In addition to a full cake, Hayley baked her friends cupcakes.
Hayley and I delivered cupcakes to her local friends
Hayley baked a beautiful cake
Hayley’s friends sang “Happy Birthday” to her on a Zoom call
Perhaps someone should call the fire department
Someone on the call made Hayley laugh
Corn chowder for dinner, per Hayley’s request

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  1. Kathy Longacre says: Reply

    Looks like a wonderful birthday and lots of love. Happy Birthday Hayley.

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