A flight up the Maine coast

This afternoon I took Kirsten, Hayley, and Jenna flying. I preflighted the plane at the Portland International Jetport (KPWM). Just after my run-up and taking runway two-niner for departure, I texted Kirsten to leave for Biddeford (B19). When I got to Biddeford I did my requisite three landings before taxiing to the ramp (I hadn’t […]

I took Hayley to Boston

I absolutely love being Hayley’s (10) dad. She’s a super fun kid who fills me constantly with immense pride. I had planned to take her snowboarding a couple weekends ago, but it was wicked cold. Too cold. I still wanted to spend time with her doing something, even if it wasn’t snowboarding. We recently received […]

Finally, A Day Together!

Yesterday Kirsten “called out” so we could spend the day as a family. I’m glad she did. Our work and school schedules rarely allow for us to be together during the day. And the day was absolutely gorgeous. Fleece weather, my favorite. We brought the cameras along. Enjoy. Kirsten made a wonderful breakfast of scrambled […]