I Rode on a School Bus!

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying Skye on a field trip to Portland Stage Company‘s production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. It was her GT class and other students with whom Mr. Reinhartsen works on reading. Impressive kids. Tall, too. Skye is short. And young. I enjoyed the bus ride. I hadn’t been […]

Finally, A Day Together!

Yesterday Kirsten “called out” so we could spend the day as a family. I’m glad she did. Our work and school schedules rarely allow for us to be together during the day. And the day was absolutely gorgeous. Fleece weather, my favorite. We brought the cameras along. Enjoy. Kirsten made a wonderful breakfast of scrambled […]


brentdanley Yes, that’s a keyfob. And, because it’s a Volkswagon Jetta keyfob, it’s also the key. Last Sunday the girls asked me to take them to Portland Head Light to climb on the rocks, hike and take pictures. The answer to that request will always be an enthusiastic “yes”. While I took pictures the girls […]

Picture In Picture

“How did you do that?” For some this questions is probably simple to answer. The following explanation is for those of you still scratching your head. The idea for this shot came to me in the shower yesterday, where I do some of my best thinking. I was inspired by a photo I saw on […]

Hillary on Education

Last Sunday we drove to Hampton, New Hampshire to attend a Hillary Clinton rally. We stood outside the local high school cafeteria for an hour or so, then stood two more hours inside before she finally arrived. After a brief speech she spent the remainder of her time answering questions. The room was so packed […]

School Begins Anew

brentdanley Jenna and Skye started school today. We are excited the girls are in great schools and have excellent teachers. Jenna is in a multiage (1st and 2nd grade) class at Fairfield and Skye is in a multiage (3rd and 4th grade) class at Burns School. We had never heard of the multiage concept but […]

Ginger Had Babies

Yesterday Skye came into to the kitchen to announce to Kirsten and me that her new hamster, Ginger, had babies. Now we only got this hamster a week and a half ago and couldn’t have known it was pregnant. She said Ginger was carrying one of the cute hairless babes in her mouth. When we […]