Kirsten Update – April 27, 2013

10:44 Dr. Devon Evans came in while we were talking to Dr. Ross Isacke. They’re still running the 24-hour urine test, which we hope will provide some answers. Dr. Evans doesn’t think it’s a chemo-related problem (tumor lysis syndrome), because we would likely have seen it several-fold more severe during the higher dose in the […]

Kirsten Update – April 25, 2013

Kirsten hasn’t suffered any hypertensive crisis episodes since yesterday morning, which is fantastic. Doctors continue to run tests, and we wait for their analysis, which takes days. They want to keep her in the hospital to monitor her for safety reasons, as the episodes are potentially life-threatening. Endocrine is still leaning toward a chemo-related cause, […]

Kirsten Update – April 24, 2013

I’ll just keep updating this post today, as appropriate. 10:27 Kirsten hasn’t yet been transferred to Gibson (Maine Medical Center Cancer Center). Right now she’s sleeping, exhausted and with a persistent headache. She had another hypertensive crisis episode this morning around 07:00. I was still at home. Like before, the pain onset immediately and was […]

No chemo. No sex.

Thursday morning Kirsten and I returned to Boston to visit Dr. Kulke at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We weren’t expecting much. We were going down to discuss the first round of chemotherapy, have labs drawn, and hopefully get some analysis of the brain MRI. It was an early appointment: 08:15. The Downeaster train arrived at […]