Kirsten Returns to Work!

I have some excellent news to report: Kirsten returned to work at the hospital this past weekend, just three weeks after switching from short-term disability to long-term disability. She worked twelve-hour shifts Friday and Saturday night, on R9 at Maine Medical Center. Her coworkers were very glad she was back, and quite surprised, as they […]

Next Step: Chemotherapy

Last Thursday, Kirsten and I traveled to Boston for the second trip of the week. We caught the 08:22 Downeaster train out of Saco, because it’s the latest train that would get us there in time for a 15:00 appointment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We arrived at North Station at 10:30, which gave us several […]

Kirsten: Okapi

My younger brother, Ken, loves to put together jigsaw puzzles. He doesn’t buy puzzles for himself, because seeing a representation of the completed puzzle on the box would make solving it way too easy. He likes a challenge. He prefers for people to buy him puzzles with small pieces, irregular edges and borders, possibly a […]

A One-Inch Tumor, Oh My!

Kirsten and I visited her oncologist, Dr. Evans this morning. He confirmed that the upper endoscopy and colonoscopy were negative for primary (or any) tumors. Dr. MagGillivray removed eight or nine lymph nodes and sent two to the lab. One of them contained a ONE INCH tumor! Yikes. Glad that sucker is out. Now we […]

A Mystery, Still Unsolved

Again, we wait. After Kirsten’s most recent visit with Dr. MacGillivray, she underwent an ultrasound of her lymph nodes. Dr. MacGillivray thought he saw a mass there in one of the previous imaging studies. The ultrasound confirmed the anomaly wasn’t an artifact, so a biopsy was done immediately in the office. We should have the […]

Kirsten Has Six More Weeks In The Collar

Today Kirsten and I visited with Dr. Florman, Kirsten’s neurosurgeon. He said that she has to stay in the collar for another six weeks, as originally planned. The cadaver bone spacer is hard, while her own bones are very soft. He’s worried about many things that can go wrong, so is being appropriately cautious. Kirsten’s […]