Fresh Cherry Pie

I baked a fresh cherry pie. I LOVE fresh cherries and have been on a pie baking kick recently. So I found a cherry pie recipe on that seemed good, and gave it a try. Initially, the pitted cherries were dry in the pot. I thought there must be a mistake in the recipe, […]

Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process

Don’t simply complain about broken open source code, fix it! From the Camp Sass homepage source code: If anything is wrong with our wraps, vertical rhythm, retina icons, png compression, grammar, spacing, trapped whitespace, responsiveness, sushi rolling abilities, or nesting… then please follow the steps below. These are called the “Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process” […]

Twitter 101

Twitter can by cryptic and confusing. It has its own vocabulary. People who have heard that Twitter is nothing but inane messages about what people ate for breakfast can hardly be blamed for not jumping in and learning the proper Twitter syntax. In this post I will try to demystify Twitter. Consider it a “101” […]