Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process

Don’t simply complain about broken open source code, fix it! From the Camp Sass homepage source code: If anything is wrong with our wraps, vertical rhythm, retina icons, png compression, grammar, spacing, trapped whitespace, responsiveness, sushi rolling abilities, or nesting… then please follow the steps below. These are called the “Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process” […]

The Reality of Marriage

Jenna McCarthy: What you don’t know about marriage TEDxAmericanRiviera, November 2011 This is a fun TED Talk. Jenna weaves many poignant arguments into her very light presentation. It’s one of my favorite TED Talks ever. Enjoy. For the record, Jenna’s reply tweet made my day, too. :)

Expand the Binomial

This is definitely the funniest thing I’ve seen all day (it’s still morning). This is, of course, a binomial expansion problem. The following is the correct answer. I love the humor this student resorts to when they are stuck. It reminds me of my favorite comic. There are more funny answers at: Huffington Post: The […]