iPhone Slow Shutter Cam

While reading a blog post about taking pictures of fireworks with a phone, I learned about the Slow Shutter Cam iOS app. I’ve been wanting this functionality for a long time, but apparently not enough to do some looking around. :) Anyways, it’s great. You can set a timer (so you don’t get shake from […]

A PHL Photo Outing with Adam

This morning I arrived at Fort Williams Park shortly before Adam, and about thirty minutes before sunrise. It was cold, but I had a great time. We hopped the chain link fence, as per usual, and climbed all over the rocks hunting for an interesting and unusual angle. The light was okay. Not awesome, but […]

TEDxDirigo Engage

One typical morning last September I was sitting on one of the leather couches at Bard Coffee, engrossed in a book. A woman who was sitting on an adjacent couch struck up a conversation with me, which I always appreciate. We talked about her new business and the book she was then reading. She mentioned […]