On Miracles

A friend commented on a recent post here that Kirsten’s recovery has been miraculous, and that the advancement of science itself is a miracle. I vehemently disagree. Kirsten’s body has progressively been destroyed by her several diseases. She’s wasted away to ~75 pounds. When I wash her skin she cries, realizing as she looks at […]

I’ll pray for you…

As most of my friends and family know by now, Kirsten is not doing well. She has for the past few years had a pituitary brain tumor that was removed three times. After the last surgery she went through radiation treatment. Now she’s 85 pounds, has been diagnosed with Type I diabetes, Cushings syndrome, etc. […]

14 Karat Gold Fingernails!

This past week I spend two days photographing parishioners at Zion Church Ministries in Everett, Massachusetts. They are a fun, lively and beautiful bunch of people. This woman, Deaconess Lolithea Thompson, wears 14 karat gold fingernails. She had them custom designed and crafted by a jeweler. Each nail is emblazoned with a trinket or patterned […]

Beer Older Than The Earth!

9,000-year-old brew hitting the shelves this summer Brendan Borrell, Scientific American, June 5, 2009 I’m wicked excited to try these new old brews! Called Chateau Jiahu, this blend of rice, honey and fruit was intoxicating Chinese villagers 9,000 years ago—long before grape wine had its start in Mesopotamia. Next week, the brewery will be bottling […]

The History of Marriage

Christianity and the Tradition of Marriage VorJack, Unreasonable Faith, June 8, 2009 Traditional marriage, as I’ve argued here many times, is misogynistic, antiquated and unnecessary. In this article VorJack gives an interesting history of “traditional” marriage from as far back as the Romans. He takes the reader through marriage as it metamorphosed from an private, […]