Book Review: Starved for Science by Robert Paarlberg

I met Robert Paarlberg at Camden Conference this past weekend where he gave an excellent presentation. Robert is an expert in global food politics and has extensive experience and understanding of food science, a subject of which I am immensely interested. Therefore, I purchased his book, Starved for Science, from the conference bookstore. In this […]

The demise of monogamy is certainly overdue

I am currently reading a fascinating collection of responses to the question “What is your favorite deep, elegant, or beautiful explanation?” asked to 150 of the world’s brightest minds. It’s the Edge Question 2012, and the responses are both online and assembled into John Brockman’s book, “This Explains Everything.” After reading the first few answers […]

Kirsten’s Cancer Has Spread To Her Lymph Nodes

Yesterday Kirsten underwent what should have been a fairly routine upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. The preparation was disgusting and miserable, as it always is, but it caused her to quickly slide into a much worse, very sick state. She was pale, vomiting frequently, and in significant pain. I wasn’t surprised, as we have learned to […]