Deoxyribonucleic Acid

A few days ago my daughter, Jenna (12), came into my office and asked why I have something on my desk that looks like a toy, with all it’s bright, solid-colored plastic and rubber pieces. Perhaps she thought it was a bad attempt at art and was questioning my poor taste. Regardless, the conversation was […]

A Mystery, Still Unsolved

Again, we wait. After Kirsten’s most recent visit with Dr. MacGillivray, she underwent an ultrasound of her lymph nodes. Dr. MacGillivray thought he saw a mass there in one of the previous imaging studies. The ultrasound confirmed the anomaly wasn’t an artifact, so a biopsy was done immediately in the office. We should have the […]

Validated, Finally

At two o’clock in the morning, on August 21, in a dark hospital room on R1 at Maine Medical Center, Kirsten suffered a seizure. This seizure caused her to fall and fracture her C5 vertebrae. Since then, she’s been taking Levetiracetam twice a day, had seizure precautions during her entire hospital stay, and endured a […]