Flickr Explore, Again

My phone kept beeping and buzzing last night. The Flickr app was sending a plethora of notifications, which I eventually just turned off. Apparently, the Flickr Fairy smiled on me and a photo I had posted yesterday made it to Explore. I’m not sure how that happened; I hadn’t put it in any groups. Regardless, […]

PHL On A Truck

Five years ago last week, I stood in the freezing cold with my friend Jason and took a few handheld photos of a magnificent sunrise at Portland Head Light. I knew I had something to work with, and was excited to get into post and see what I could come up with. I tone mapped […]

Kimberly Dennis – A Tragedy

One year ago today, my dear friend Kimberly Dennis intentionally overdosed on NyQuil, tragically cutting her life short. Our relationship was complicated. I miss her. Kim was an incredible woman. Gorgeous, energetic, smart, philosophical, inquisitive, passionate. Her family ostracized her when she left the Mormon church, for which I was the primary influence. I think […]