Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process

Don’t simply complain about broken open source code, fix it! From the Camp Sass homepage source code: If anything is wrong with our wraps, vertical rhythm, retina icons, png compression, grammar, spacing, trapped whitespace, responsiveness, sushi rolling abilities, or nesting… then please follow the steps below. These are called the “Hampton’s Open Source Feedback Process” […]

More Clouds

Last week I wrote PHP scripts to generate tag clouds for The Rhetoric’s sidebar. Tag clouds are a specific kind of weighted list in which words are arranged in a continuous list. The words are generally displayed with a weight and/or size that correspond to their frequency. The first cloud I wrote was for my […]

Category Cloud

Today I wrote a script to dynamically create a cloud of categories for The Rhetoric’s sidebar. It was fairly simple with PHP, MySQL, and the WordPress libraries. I also moved some things around on the sidebar and brought back the blogroll that’s been missing since the upgrade to WordPress 2.1. Let me know what you […]