Well, Obviously

Ever learned something that seems so obvious you wonder why it took so long to figure out? Like, evolution or atheism, for example. A Plan to Hire the Best Teachers NY Times, November 28, 2008 While I was reading a recent editorial in the NY Times this morning I though, “well duh”. I’m amazed that […]

No Child Gets Ahead

The No Child Left Behind Act is, like most of President Bush’s programs, a complete failure. Money and attention that have previously benefited our brightest children are, under NCLB, being diverted to remedial programs that help students who struggle to grasp basic curricular requirements. Focusing every resource on failing students increases the likelihood that students […]

The Playboy Philosophy

Photograph Brent Danley Kirsten and I compiled the eighteen chapters of The Playboy Philosophy from Playboy.com into Portable Document Format (PDF) for your convenience. I hope Hef doesn’t mind. Download it here. Hugh Hefner began writing The Playboy Philosophy in 1962 at the beginning of the sexual revolution. Each chapter of The Playboy Philosophy was […]

The Bee

brentdanley Skye was the final competitor to approach the microphone for the first round of the spelling bee. She nervously sood in front of a skinny microphone being steadied by her school’s principle, Mrs. Casados. “Display. D-I-S-P-L-A-Y. Display.” She spelled her first word correctly. The audience applauded and cheered as she walked away from the […]