A flight up the Maine coast

This afternoon I took Kirsten, Hayley, and Jenna flying. I preflighted the plane at the Portland International Jetport (KPWM). Just after my run-up and taking runway two-niner for departure, I texted Kirsten to leave for Biddeford (B19). When I got to Biddeford I did my requisite three landings before taxiing to the ramp (I hadn’t […]

Quality Family Time

Saturday I spent a lot of time with Kirsten this past weekend, just enjoying her company. We went to breakfast at the Palace Diner in Biddeford, did some grocery shopping, and watched a movie at the theater. Then we laid in bed and watched The Office on my iPad.

A Weekend in Boston

Hayley asked for a weekend trip to Boston for her birthday. This was that weekend. After ingesting too many Dunkin Donuts Boston Creme donuts, we hit the road. After a short walk from our hotel in Revere, we rode the subway into Boston. Because it was Sunday morning, many of the shops in the downtown […]

The Progeny Effect

Till Children Do Us Part Stephanie Coontz, NY Times, February 4, 2009 Do children supplant the things that make committed relationships so great? Or, conversely, can they strengthen a relationship by providing common goals, identity, focus and aspirations? Women’s magazines of that era promised that almost any marital problem could be resolved by embarking on […]


I love Facebook! It is, as you must already know, a social web site where members can find old friend, make new ones, share photos, blog, join causes, play games and many other activities. This is all made possible by a powerful API, clean interface and sensible privacy policy. Yesterday I reconnected with Inger Wicks, […]

Danley.org Is Up!

Danley.org is now up and running! Check it out. We plan to have weekly posting assignments for the girls. It will be a place for Kirsten and the girls and I to post pictures, videos, stories, drawings, recipes and all manner of neat things about and by our little family. Add the feed to your […]