A flight up the Maine coast

This afternoon I took Kirsten, Hayley, and Jenna flying. I preflighted the plane at the Portland International Jetport (KPWM). Just after my run-up and taking runway two-niner for departure, I texted Kirsten to leave for Biddeford (B19). When I got to Biddeford I did my requisite three landings before taxiing to the ramp (I hadn’t […]

A Flight to Camden with Skye

Skye and I have been talking about and anticipating flying together for a long time. We tried and failed earlier this year in Sanford. Today, it finally happened. And she didn’t puke (she’s emetophobic). In fact, I’d say she’s the most accurate non-pilot copilot I’ve ever flown with. After I explained the instruments of the […]

Squawk 7600!

Adam and I went flying yesterday. Adam likes aviation, is intellectually curious and isn’t overly nervous; he’s an ideal passenger. The weather was perfect for a flight over Maine’s rugged scenic coast: a high scattered cloud layer, little wind and lots of blue sky. I did the weight and balance worksheet and we got an […]

Flying With My Sexy Stewardess

Yesterday I completed my flight review, which made me more anxious to fly. I wanted to get in the air to scrape some of the rust off my piloting skills. I knew any time that passed from my dual-instruction flight with Marcia would be deleterious. Today’s weather was perfect for flying: few high clouds, light […]