God’s Army

Jesus killed Mohammed: The crusade for a Christian military Jeff Sharlet, Harper’s Magazine, May 2009, pg. 31 Download the article (pdf). If the following excerpt doesn’t piss you off the remainder of the article surely will. The pious evangelical Christians who would have you think they are a benign-to-positive force are disingenuous at best. They […]

Doomed By Cheap Money

Infinite Debt: How unlimited interest rates destroyed the economy Thomas Geoghegan, Harper’s Magazine, April 2009, p31 In this scathing essay, Mr. Goeghegan enumerates the problems of allowing interest rates to escalate to grotesque and immoral levels. His analysis and insights are fascinating and worth consideration. He says what many are thinking and few are saying: […]

Santa Secession

[AORBS]’s objective is to provide its membership with the resources, networking, and support necessary to further define and “improve their image” as Santa. We believe that AORBS is no longer carrying forth the Christmas spirit. This humorous article (click to enlarge) published in the December 2008 issue of Harper’s Magazine reminded me of a joke […]