My Therapist

I worked eleven days in November. I’m going to work four days in December. Things are tight, to say the least. I have a lot to be happy about, no doubt, but I think the stress is literally eating me from the inside. I feel like I’m going to implode. When my boss called last […]

Lighthouse Hill

Several years ago, while we were still living in Kansas, Kirsten decided to decorate with a nautical motif. Part of her collection included a print of Edward Hopper‘s Lighthouse Hill which he painted in 1927. It hung in our living room in Kansas as it does now in Maine. Edward Hopper’s Lighthouse Hill I didn’t […]

Finally, A Day Together!

Yesterday Kirsten “called out” so we could spend the day as a family. I’m glad she did. Our work and school schedules rarely allow for us to be together during the day. And the day was absolutely gorgeous. Fleece weather, my favorite. We brought the cameras along. Enjoy. Kirsten made a wonderful breakfast of scrambled […]

My Cathedral

Yesterday I took the girls to my favorite place, Fort Williams State Park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. They enjoyed climbing on the rocks and playing in the fort. I enjoyed watching the vessels in Casco Bay; smelling the cool salty sea air; listening to the gulls, crashing waves and the fog horn at Portland Head […]

My Favorite Place

This afternoon I spent some time at Portland Head Light reading, relaxing and taking pictures. It is, after all, my favorite place. Things have been tough lately. Stressful. I’m not sure how much more of this I can handle. I used to take pictures to clear my mind and relieve stress but lately I feel […]