No chemo. No sex.

Thursday morning Kirsten and I returned to Boston to visit Dr. Kulke at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We weren’t expecting much. We were going down to discuss the first round of chemotherapy, have labs drawn, and hopefully get some analysis of the brain MRI. It was an early appointment: 08:15. The Downeaster train arrived at […]

A One-Inch Tumor, Oh My!

Kirsten and I visited her oncologist, Dr. Evans this morning. He confirmed that the upper endoscopy and colonoscopy were negative for primary (or any) tumors. Dr. MagGillivray removed eight or nine lymph nodes and sent two to the lab. One of them contained a ONE INCH tumor! Yikes. Glad that sucker is out. Now we […]

Kirsten’s Cancer Has Spread To Her Lymph Nodes

Yesterday Kirsten underwent what should have been a fairly routine upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. The preparation was disgusting and miserable, as it always is, but it caused her to quickly slide into a much worse, very sick state. She was pale, vomiting frequently, and in significant pain. I wasn’t surprised, as we have learned to […]