Topless and Disorganized [NSFW]

“Ladies: It is perfectly legal to be topless in public in the State of Maine. Gentlemen: Women’s breasts aren’t anything to get excited about. Really.“ That seemed to be the message organizers intended to convey when they marched topless through the streets of Portland last month. It’s difficult to tell, actually, since they didn’t publicize […]

Cluck cluck

Maine’s largest city OKs backyard chickens, February 19, 2009 Maine’s largest city has become the latest municipality in the state to allow residents to keep chickens in their backyards. Portland officials said the council received 150 e-mails, the most it’s ever received on any issue, which came up as the recession has more people […]


brentdanley Yes, that’s a keyfob. And, because it’s a Volkswagon Jetta keyfob, it’s also the key. Last Sunday the girls asked me to take them to Portland Head Light to climb on the rocks, hike and take pictures. The answer to that request will always be an enthusiastic “yes”. While I took pictures the girls […]

Last week, while searching the internet for like-minded people here in southern Maine, I discovered a new and wonderful website. is a place where anyone can plan events for people who share a common interest. It’s fantastic! Group members can share photos, messages, files, and are able to comment on and rate each meetup. […]