A More Secular America

The End of Christian America Jon Meacham, Newsweek, April 4, 2009 Then came the point he could not get out of his mind: while the unaffiliated have historically been concentrated in the Pacific Northwest, the report said, “this pattern has now changed, and the Northeast emerged in 2008 as the new stronghold of the religiously […]

You Are Not Alone

Those atheist billboards are up in DFW Jeffrey Weiss, The Dallas Morning News, March 30, 2009 Dallas-Fort Worth area atheists and agnostics are organizing around two new billboards going up today on Interstate 35. Seven groups of freethinkers and humanists have pooled their efforts to form the new Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason to educate […]

I Am An Atheist

I am an atheist, are you? The Out Campaign Richard Dawkins As far as subjective impressions allow and in the admitted absence of rigorous data, I am persuaded that the religiosity of America is greatly exaggerated. Our choir is a lot larger than many people realise. Religious people still outnumber atheists, but not by the […]

A Global God

One World, Under God Robert Wright, The Atlantic, April 2009, p38 This fascinating essay discusses the history of tolerance within, mostly, historical Christianity. The Apostle Paul, Wright argues, is a shrewd and pragmatic businessman, of sorts. Religious teachings and mandates are changed in response to the political, social and economic realities of the time. So, […]

ARIS 2008

American Religious Identification Survey 2008 The Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture (ISSSC) The Leonard E. Greenburg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut The American population self-identifies as predominantly Christian but Americans are slowly becoming less Christian. Based on their stated beliefs rather than […]