We moved!

We purchased a loft in Saco! It’s in an old shoe factory in essentially the same neighborhood where we’ve lived since moving to Maine in 2007. The girls can still walk to Thornton Academy and the grocery store or access the Eastern Trail on their bicycles. We’re on the fourth floor and the building is […]

A Hot Date

Kirsten and I enjoyed each other and the gorgeousness of Maine on Tuesday. I received a tweet last week about Mackworth Island and planned to take Kirsten after her class. Kirsten wanted to go to the beach. So we did both. The temperature reached an unseasonably warm 96.5 °F, which is a bit warmer than […]

A Date

After voting this morning Kirsten and I went to Ferry Beach here in Saco to read, talk and just enjoy each others’ company. What could be better than a coffee, bagel, Maine beach and Kirsten? Kirsten studied anatomy and physiology on our date this morning. This friendly and enterprising gull enjoyed part of my bagel […]

We Voted!

Today Kirsten and I performed one of our basic democratic duties; we voted. Voting absentee on our own terms was a much better way to go than waiting until Tuesday and standing in line with everybody else. We sat alone in the conference room at City Hall in Saco, Maine and filled in the bubbles […]

An Atheist and the UCC

Two weeks ago I worked at the First Parish Congregational Church in Saco, Maine. As usual, I asked the customers and volunteers many questions about the church, parishioners, politics and doctrine. I was very impressed by the positive “vibe” and sense of community. When they invited me to attend their services I gladly accepted. I’ve […]

The Greenest City in Maine

Saco (sock-o) was recently chosen as “the greenest city in Maine” by Going Green Magazine. Yippee. As such, it will host the Maine Going Green Energy, Building & Living Expo in September. One of the factors in the decision was our two wind turbines.  The new train depot and city offices will be powered from […]

School Begins Anew

brentdanley Jenna and Skye started school today. We are excited the girls are in great schools and have excellent teachers. Jenna is in a multiage (1st and 2nd grade) class at Fairfield and Skye is in a multiage (3rd and 4th grade) class at Burns School. We had never heard of the multiage concept but […]

Candlepin Bowling

The rain didn’t prevent us from adventure today. We decided to go candlepin bowling at Vacationland Bowling and Recreation Center here in Saco on Route 1. I’ve wanted to candlepin bowl since the early ’90s when I lived in Massachusetts. We had a great time! The balls are small and light and don’t have holes. […]

“The Way Life Should Be”

brentdanley We live four miles from a white sand beach in Saco, Maine. Could life get any better? I don’t know how. Especially since our high speed internet was installed yesterday ;) To be fair I’ve considered what might be better about Wichita, Kansas than Southern Maine and have come up with a very short […]