Principles of Biology, e-book edition

A New Chapter for E-Books [subscription required] Lavish electronic-book projects point toward the pinnacle of the medium. Technology Review, November/December 2011, page 79. This is exciting! Next year, Nature Education will release a more comprehensive attempt to rethink the electronic book, a $49 textbook called Principles of Biology. It results from the vision of Vikram […]

Sickness Industry

The July/August 2009 issue of Technology Review is especially good. In it there are articles on Wolfram Alpha, cap and trade, Obama’s technology stimulus, and nuclear fusion. It also contains an entire section on cloud computing and a thought-provoking essay on privacy in the age of Facebook. A Pound of Cure (subscription required) Andy Kessler, […]

A Cyborg Beetle

Biological Machines Emily Singer, Technology Review, March/April 2009, p38 A giant flower beetle flies about, veering up and down, left and right. But the insect isn’t a pest, and it isn’t steering its own path. An implanted receiver, microcontroller, microbattery, and six carefully placed electrodes–a payload smaller than a dime and weighing less than a […]