Ice Snob

Cold Fusion Wayne Curtis, The Atlantic, June 2009 This article could turn you into an ice snob, too. Instead of requesting the bartender use top-shelf liquor, I’ll now ask what is the quality of the ice. “Ice is as important to a bartender as a stove is to a chef,” he explained, in the cadence […]

Happiness Shouldn’t Be Postponed

The Gift-Card Economy Virginia Postrel, The Atlantic, May 2009, pg. 28 In this fascinating article, Virginia Postrel explores the “all-too-familiar inner conflict between the would-be disciplined self who wants to get up early, exercise, and lose weight and the pleasure-seeking self who prefers to sleep in, watch TV, and eat chocolate.” Marketers aren’t the only […]

A Global God

One World, Under God Robert Wright, The Atlantic, April 2009, p38 This fascinating essay discusses the history of tolerance within, mostly, historical Christianity. The Apostle Paul, Wright argues, is a shrewd and pragmatic businessman, of sorts. Religious teachings and mandates are changed in response to the political, social and economic realities of the time. So, […]