Kinda Like Maine

Simplify, Simplify Trevor Corson, The Atlantic, April 2009, p26 Finland possesses a few features that Maine does not—for starters, a vast number of steamy wooden rooms full of naked people. But apart from the saunas, the similarities are striking: Finland has the same flat landscape, the same crisp air, the countless lakes, the fir trees […]

Road Warrior

This past week I logged over 1,000 miles in my new car.  I took the girls to meetings in Connecticut before returning them home and heading back out.  Wednesday and Thursday I was at a church in Springfield, Massachusetts, then to Ansonia, Connecticut Friday and up to Hadley, Massachusetts Saturday. I stopped by the house […]


brentdanley If you’ve visited my Flickr photostream lately you may think it’s turned into a travelogue. We have been having a great time in Vacationland. Wednesday afternoon I did a L.L. Bean walk-on kayaking adventure in Casco Bay. It was an amazing time. The fog was thick as we paddled along the shore. Old sailing […]