A One-Inch Tumor, Oh My!

Kirsten and I visited her oncologist, Dr. Evans this morning. He confirmed that the upper endoscopy and colonoscopy were negative for primary (or any) tumors. Dr. MagGillivray removed eight or nine lymph nodes and sent two to the lab. One of them contained a ONE INCH tumor! Yikes. Glad that sucker is out. Now we […]

A Hole In Her Head

Today Kirsten underwent her third operation in the fight against her pituitary tumor. Supra-Orbital Craniotomy Kirsten Uhler, Cogitations, August 23, 2009 Instead of going in through her nose like the previous two times they went straight through her forehead skull. Her neurosurgeon, Dr. Florman, doesn’t shave. Instead, he parts the hair, cuts between the hairs, […]